Best Accommodation in Taipei

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Taipei team

Taipei is a friendly city, boasting well-priced accommodation options for a business-centric metropolis. Those waltzing through, with a favourable foreign currency tucked into their wallets, will find the accommodation even more cost effective. As an urban Asian destination on the rise, Taipei is better known for hotels and city dwellings. For business travellers, Taipei offers an abundance of slick, sensibly priced solutions in the form of boutique hotel bed with breakfast. In Taipei's hotel industry boasts all the big names of the first world city and living in luxury here is certainly attainable, with a vast array of hotel options to choose from. For though who are roughing it, backpackers and hostels are abundant and reasonably priced (not as cheap as Thailand but not as expensive as Hong Kong). Where there was previously thought to be a lack, in middle ground accommodation, Air BnB and other apartment rentals are quickly making the comforts of home an economical reality for Taipei's tourists. Fun footnotes: Taipei's Love Motel industry is something to behold. The more upmarket, well-maintained venues offer adventurous couples a uniquely racy experience!


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