Airport Information

The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (臺灣桃園國際機場) is the main airport of Republic of China (R.O.C.) and it is by far the busiest out of the island’s 5 airports. It serves the capital city of Taipei and it is Taiwan’s largest airport.

Even though the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is not as big as some of its international brothers it is remarkably uncrowded, straightforward and clean. You can easily get through the whole airport in less than 30 minutes after arrival. With its recent renovation the airport now looks better than ever and it offers a good selection of shops, service outlets and free Wi-Fi. It holds the Airport Service Quality Best Airport in 15–25 million passengers level (2008) award and Best Airport Security Processing award (2011).


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is located at about 40 kilometres (24.9 miles) west from Taipei City centre and holds 2 passenger terminals that handled the capacity of nearly 28 million passengers in 2012. In the same year a $57.4 million renovation of Terminal 1 including the facelift of both interior and exterior was completed. It additionally increased the capacity of the terminal to 15 million passengers per year.

Use the Airport Facilities Map to easily navigate your way around. You can travel between the terminals by the skytrain or use shuttle bus services.

The new Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport opened February 26, 1979. It was formerly known as the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport after the president Chiang Kai-shek. September 6, 2006 the name Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport was officially approved.

The Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport serves as an important travel hub and a trans-shipment centre in the Asia-Pacific region as it is one of the major gateways between mainland China and the rest of South-East Asia.  It is also the hub for Taiwan’s China Airlines, EVA air and TransAsia Airways.

Another airport that serves the northern regions of Taiwan and Taipei besides the Taoyuan airport is the Taipei Songshan Airport that is actually located within the borders of Taipei City. The Songshan Airport takes care of mostly chartered flights, domestic flights and some international flights. Most of the flights at the Songshan Airport are cross-strait in nature, which means they are to and from mainland China. However, scheduled flights to and from South Korea and Japan can also be found.

The Taipei Songshan Airport that covers 1.82 km2 (182 hectares) also serves as a military base with the main purpose of serving the President and Vice President of the R.O.C.

Upon Arrival

After you have disembarked at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport it won’t take you more than a few minutes to reach the arrival hall. The immigration clearance is hassle-free and relatively quick depending on the size of the queue. As a visitor you will have to present a small form giving the basic information about yourself and your stay in Taiwan including your phone number and address on the island. The baggage arrives in about 10-15 minutes.

Luggage Delivery Services

Delivery and packing service counters are located in both Terminal 1 and 2. The service hours are 06:00–23:30.


Terminal 1 – Tel.:  +886-3-255-2233

Terminal 2 – Tel.:  +886-3-255-2290



For additional information you can visit the Luggage Services.

Some cash

If you want to exchange some currency before leaving the airport you may do so at one of the many money changers found all over the place. Be advised that their service hours vary. For more convenience and better exchange rate you’d be advised to withdraw some New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) from an ATM at the airport or in almost any of Taiwan’s many convenience chain stores (7 eleven, Family Mart, High Life etc.). If you’re using a foreign credit card the ATM will deduct 100NT for the transfer.

How to reach Taipei?

By Taxi

It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach Taipei City by taxi. The taxi queues are just outside of the arrival halls of both terminals and are available 24/7. The taxis are subject to a 15-percent surcharge and so the journey will cost you between 1200NTD - 1500NTD.

By Bus

Bus stops are present at both terminals and offer a selection from bus lines that go to different areas in Taipei including Taipei Main Station, Songshan Airport, Nangang Exhibition Center etc. and they often have drop off points at MRT stations and major hotels. Full fare ranges from 90 to 150NTD.

By HSR (high-speed rail)

The HSR allows for travel to Taipei Main Station from its Taoyuan Station in about 30 minutes. The Taoyuan Station is about 8 km (5.0 mi) from the airport and is accessible by a shuttle bus that costs 30NTD. Keep in mind that HSR is operational until midnight every day.

To and from Taipei

The High Speed Rail (HSR)

MRT system in Taipei



If you’re going to transit in Taoyuan Airport, take full advantage of the services and entertainment available to make your transit experience less stressful and turn it into something enjoyable. Some highlights:

Aviation Museum

The Cheng Chung Aviation Museum (中正航空科學館) was built by Boeing in 1981. Although the museum is meant to facilitate understanding of the civil aviation industry, many retired fighters of R.O.C. Air Force are represented there as well.

Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Also known as the Taoyuan Business Aviation Centre (TYBAC) it offers passengers the only quick custom clearance service at Taoyuan Airport. The Terminal is a three-story building that is located between Terminals 1 and 2 allowing travellers to arrive much closer to their departure time than the standard 2 hours.

Hello Kitty Areas

The entire area of departure Gate C3 in Terminal 2 has been transformed into a piece of Hello Kitty cuteness. Additionally EVA Air has also installed Hello Kitty kiosks in Terminal 2, alongside check-in counter 11. These kiosks can be used by passengers waiting to board one of EVA Air’s Hello Kitty jets.

Themed Lounges

There are different themed lounges scattered amongst the departure gates of Terminal 2. Apart from the Hello Kitty Gate they are: e-Library Lounge (C5), Unforgettable Yummy Lounge (C6) and Postal Waiting Lounge (C7).

Children’s Play Area

Although the Hello Kitty themed gate may be enough to entertain, there are also Play areas located in both terminals.


Terminal 1: Airside, central area of the 3rd floor Departure Hall

Terminal 2: Landside, on the north side of the 1st floor;

     Airside, 3rd floor, boarding concourse D

Indulge and entertain yourself
The Taoyuan Airport offers plenty of facilities to freshen you up and to entertain you and your family. Here are some of our favourites:

- Large cushy couches that can be a delight for a quick nap.
- Rest Zones - couches, reclining and massage chairs and armchairs can be found at various gates and the Christian Buddhist and Islamic Prayer Rooms can offer quiet and peaceful place as well.
- Art gallery at Terminal 2
- Small cinema showing licensed films all day can be found at Terminal 1, 2F, Airside, Zones A & B
- Numerous cultural activities at Terminal 2 such as Taiwan Tea Tasting Area (Departure Concourse), Taiwan Craft Shop (D6), The Cultural Experience Area (D3) etc.
- Massages (both terminals, zones A & B)
- Showers (Terminal 1, 3rd floor of Arrivals Hall North)


Departure from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport two to three hours to complete the departure procedures. Contact your airline to inquire about your latest check-in time.

Self-check-in kiosks are also available to passengers of the following airlines:

• China Airlines (CI)
• EVA Airways (BR)
• Cathay Pacific Airways (CX)
• Trans Asia Airways(GE)
• Delta Air Lines(DL)
• United Airlines(UA)
• KLM Asia(KL)
• Dragonair(KA)
• All Nippon Airways(NH)

To complete check-in procedures you will be required to present your ticket and passport at your airline counter, get a seat number, and check in your luggage. After checking in, make sure you have your identity documents, boarding card, and checked luggage receipt.