Important Places and Numbers

Some of the important numbers you might need while in Taiwan.




  Fire Engine/Ambulance


  Police Hotline


  English-language Directory Assistance


 24-Hour Toll-Free Travel Information Call Center

0800 – 011 765

International Community Service Hotline



Taiwan’s Visitor Centers are found all over the island. Only in Taipei the City Government has established 13 visitor information centres. Each centre’s services are tailored to the specific attractions in the vicinity and they also offer printed and online tourism information such as brochures on scenic sites, restaurants, accommodations, transportation etc


Since 1995 Taiwan has universal healthcare for its people. Today, every Taiwanese citizen has a National Health Insurance (NHI) card with a memory chip where all their medical history is kept. All the doctor needs to do to access it is to run it through a special machine. According to the World Health Organization, overall life expectancy in the U.S. is 77.9 years whereas in Taiwan it’s 78.2.

Taiwan’s healthcare system is very well developed and provides high medical standards as proved by the island’s medical tourism.

List of Taiwan’s hospitals can be found here.


For information relevant to visitors and migrants contact the National Immigration Agency (NIA).

The NIA's service centres’ office hours are 08:00 to 17:00. You can find the NIA headquarters at this address: No. 15, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100-66, Taiwan, ROC.

Tel: +886-2-2388-9393

Foreigner’s hotline:  +886-800-024-111


Post office

Customer Service Centre free hotline: 0800-700-365

Paid number for calls from mobile phones: (04)23542030 



There is a number of small pharmacies throughout Taipei and most of the major cities. What may be a little surprising is the variety of medications that are available over the counter including those that may only be available by prescription elsewhere. However, there are still drugs that only a doctor can prescribe.

One of the pharmacies that’s still often recommended if you’re looking for something difficult to find elsewhere is the Shanghai Pharmacy in Taipei.

Shanghai Pharmacy
衡陽路32號 / Héngyáng Lù 32 Hào / Hengyang Rd., No. 32
walking distance from Ximen MRT (Blue line, just west of main station).
Use Exit 4. Hengyang ends at 228 Park.