If you’re a visitor in Taipei, Taiwan the most convenient way to get around is to hail a yellow taxi. A good taxi service can make all the difference to a tired and weary traveller.

Especially in Taipei, taxis are high in numbers and you shouldn’t have problems finding one even at 3am. When compared to public transportation in the city they are expensive but cheap when compared to taxis elsewhere in the world.

There are 4 methods for getting a taxi.

1. Hailing taxis from the road

They were about 1.8 million vehicles registered in Taipei City at the end of 2011. It should be no surprise that catching a taxi from the side of the road is easy and you will always find one within a few minutes. Of course, sometimes the taxi won’t stop no matter how feverishly you’re waving. This is most likely because that particular car is not available.

You can see whether a vehicle is available by checking its little red LED sign behind the windshield, right under the review mirror. If the taxi is available it will be lit up with these symbols 空車.

2. Queuing at a taxi stand

You usually don’t notice all that many official taxi stands around as you won’t most likely need them. At the airport or in front of certain club areas there will be a line of taxis waiting for passengers. In that case, you’re advised to pick the first car in the line, because even if you won’t the other drivers will most likely send you over there anyway.




3. Booking a taxi from a convenience store

In Taiwan, convenience chains store are the go-to-for-everything places. Among other things you can use their in-store terminal to order a taxi if you can read Chinese. In case you don’t, ask the clerk to help you out.

4. Booking via phone or internet

Another option is to call the taxi service directly. The number is 55688 if you’re using your mobile phone or 405-88-888 by pay phone. Don’t forget you need to know your exact location and possibly how to say it in Chinese.

Alternatively, you can use the Taipei Yellow Taxi or Taipei Yellow Cab app on your smartphone. If the regular yellow taxi doesn’t provide the comfort level you require Uber services are also available in Taipei.


Taxi faretarget="_blank">

Taxis in Taiwan are relatively cheap in comparison to rates in the US and European countries. All fares in yellow taxis are regulated and all taxis are metered, based on the distance travelled. This doesn’t mean you cannot find illegal taxis here and there with their own set of rules, but you are much less likely to come across those in major cities like Taipei.

Fare (Taipei)

Booking fee


Minimum fare

NTD $70 for first 1.25Km


NTD $20 per Km

1h of waiting

NTD $150

Luggage chares

NTD $10 if the boot/trunk is needed

Night time charges apply

23:00 – 06:00

Night time minimum fare

NTD $90 for first 1.25Km

Night time 1km

NTD $20 per Km

Night time 1h of waiting

NTD $180


Additional surcharges may be applied in specific situations such as additional hailing a taxi from the road at night. Expect to pay 20NT more than what the meter shows in that scenario.