Taipei Weather

Taipei's weather would be best described as a sub-tropical climate. Summers are generally hot and humid, winters really cool down, with autumn and spring the most comfortable seasons. Expect plenty of sunny days, but be prepared for year-round rain.

You won’t really experience four distinct seasons in Taipei.

Summers have temperatures rise to around 38C (100F). June – October brings the typhoon season meaning thunderstorms and rain is likely to hit. There is little difference between daytime and night temperatures.

Winters in Taipei can be a little drier but it can rain any month of the year in the capital. Temperatures usually don’t drop below 10C (50F).

Autumn (September-November) and spring (March-May) are typically the best time to visit Taipei as temperatures hover around comfortable 20C (70F) and the humidity may slightly decrease.

Taipei monthly temperatures:

January Low 14 C High 19 C
February Low 14 C High 19 C
March Low 16 C High 22 C
April Low 19 C High 26 C
May Low 22 C High 29 C
June Low 25 C High 32 C
July Low 26 C High 34 C
August Low 26 C High 33 C
Semptember Low 24 C High 31 C
October Low 22 C High 27 C
November Low 19 C High 24 C
December Low 16 C High 21 C