Experience the Blossoming Cherry Trees in Taipei


Immerse Yourself in Taipei's Spectacular Cherry Blossoms

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1. Cherry Blossom Viewing at Taipei Botanical Garden

Explore the vibrant cherry blossom trees at Taipei Botanical Garden, where you can marvel at the stunning colors and fragrant blooms. Take a leisurely stroll through the scenic gardens and capture memorable photos amidst the blooming cherry blossoms.


2. Yangmingshan National Park

Visit Yangmingshan National Park during cherry blossom season for a breathtaking sight of the cherry trees in full bloom. Take a hike on one of the park's numerous trails, like the Xiaoyoukeng Trail, and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of nature.


3. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Head to the iconic Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and witness the enchanting cherry blossom display in its surrounding gardens. The juxtaposition of the grand monument and delicate pink cherry blossoms creates a picturesque setting for photography enthusiasts.


4. Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Experience a unique cherry blossom experience at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The center hosts an annual cherry blossom festival, featuring beautiful displays, cultural performances, and a variety of delicious food stalls.


5. Maokong Gondola

Take a ride on the scenic Maokong Gondola and enjoy panoramic views of Taipei's cherry blossom-covered landscapes. The gondola ride takes you up to the Maokong mountain area, famous for its tea plantations and magnificent cherry blossom trees.


6. Grass Mountain Chateau

Discover the natural beauty of Grass Mountain Chateau during cherry blossom season. The site offers a tranquil environment where you can relax and appreciate the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms against the backdrop of lush greenery.


7. Zhuzihu Cherry Blossom Festival

Attend the Zhuzihu Cherry Blossom Festival, a popular annual event featuring a large variety of cherry trees. Immerse yourself in Taiwanese culture as you indulge in local delicacies and enjoy live music performances amidst the blooming cherry blossoms.


8. Wulai Cherry Blossom Trail

Embark on a journey along the Wulai Cherry Blossom Trail, a picturesque hiking route that winds through cherry tree groves. Enjoy the soothing sound of the nearby river as you marvel at the pink and white petals adorning the trail.


9. Yongchun Cherry Blossom Trail

Experience the beauty of cherry blossoms on the Yongchun Cherry Blossom Trail. This easy, family-friendly trail offers a scenic walk surrounded by cherry trees, providing an ideal spot for a relaxing picnic amidst the blossoms.


10. Xindian River Cherry Blossom

Admire the stunning cherry blossom trees along the banks of Xindian River. Take a leisurely bike ride or stroll along the river to fully appreciate the gorgeous pink and white hues of the cherry blossoms.