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  • Address: 2F., No. 369, Fuxing North Road 復興北路369號2樓, Taipei
  • 02-2715-2323

Prana Yoga - Taipei

One of the few yoga studios located in the Zhongshan area. Take note, the class may be exclusively in Chinese.

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Hatha (hot) yoga, has been flavour of the day for quite some time. But lately, the teachings of Pranayama have begun steadily gathering a following in Taipei city. The Sanksrit word Prāṇāyāma translates to  "extension of the prāṇa or breath" or, "extension of the life force" in English. This is an amalgam of two words: "Prana" (meaning life force, or vital energy, such as breath)and "ayāma (meaning to to extend or draw out). So the name of this form of yoga shows its emphasis on breath control and the power of breathing.

The teachings of Pranayama yoga are rootes in the heritage of ancient Bharat (India) and what is today referred to as Hinduism.  Both hath and rāj varieties of prāṇāyām yoga exist. Some scholars state that hatha yoga would be prescribed for beginners.

Prana Yoga Taipei is one of Taipei's foremost yoga institutions, with a range of teachers providing classes to students of varying abilities. Prana Yoga Taipei is in Zhongshan district. Prana Yoga's studio is a big, beautiful space that is very well-maintained and offers those attending the opportunity to enjoy classes comfortably.

Prana Yoga has a team of professionals and enthusiasts who offer excellent customer service, and note that they are more comfortable communicating in Chinese, so this would be a great place to attend class and brush up on Chinese at the same time.

Prana Yoga Taipei is located near Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station.

Address: 2F., No. 369, Fuxing North Road 復興北路369號2樓 , Taiwan View Larger Map