Best Restaurants in Taipei

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Taipei team

Taipei marries honoured eastern traditions and contemporary western innovation. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the cuisine. Quickly cultivating a foodie culture, Taipei city is filled with sumptuous delicacies that range from cheap-as-chips night market grub to internationally acclaimed haute cuisine - and no shortage of either. Taipei is renowned for edgy cafes and serene teahouses. At last, the city is also seeing rapid growth in organic gourmet, raw cuisine and other foods for the conscious eater. The ever-growing foreign community invigorates Taipei's dining scene with the influence of international tastes. (Although bad imitations of western food are available in abundance, so newbies to failed fusion beware). Aside from the Taiwanese and Chinese tastes, a delightful array of Asian food is available. Special mention goes to the Vietnamese folk, for delighting Taipei residents with the fabulousness of pho. For a really local experience, hit the selection of stands in a night market or 're chao' (literally translated: 'hot food') spot near you.  


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